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Moscow-Frankfurt Land Cable System Opened 3200 Kilometers In Length FROM ZKTEL

- Jul 20, 2018 -

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Russian telecommunications service provider MegaFon has launched a new terrestrial cable system to connect Moscow and Frankfurt.

莫斯科-法兰克福陆地光缆系统开建 全长3200千米

According to reports, the system has a total length of 3,200 kilometers, passing through Poland and Belarus, with an initial capacity of 1.7 Tbps.

Natalya Taldykina, Director of Business Development at MegaFon, said: "The construction of the Moscow-Frankfurt network is another important step towards strengthening MegaFon's position in the European-Asian transportation market."

Bertold Frech, Head of Corporate Services, Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales and Solutions (ICSS), added: "German Telecom ICSS has become the best service provider in the region. Our customers can now benefit from this high performance, large Capacity route. We are pleased to be selected to work with MegaFon, which highlights the advantages of partnerships."

Pavel Korchagin, chief technology officer of MegaFon, said: "At present, there are many links in Frankfurt, including underwater cable systems, but our route is superior to them in terms of RTD and service support quality. For example, underwater cables fail from two weeks to three four. It’s fixed in months, and for land routes, the average repair time is four to six hours.”

Deutsche Telekom ICSS and MegaFon have been working together for a long time. Five years ago, they announced plans to expand the TransBaltic Gateway eastward to Asia. For the project, MegaFon provides connectivity through its network in Russia and its network in Kazakhstan and plans to extend its current route from Frankfurt to China.

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