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New Fiber Technology Increases Network Speed By 100 Times

- Nov 09, 2018 -

A recent study published in Nature Communications showed that Australian researchers have made new breakthroughs in fiber optics, which can increase the network speed by 100 times at this stage.

The study provides a new way for fiber systems to transmit more data. This research can be distorted when the light travels, so that light can carry more data than is currently available. In fact, implementing such a system may be easier than you think.

Fiber optic networks are already very efficient and typically exceed copper-based networks. Fiber optics use the flash to transfer information from one point to another at very fast speeds.

However, traditional optical fibers still have some disadvantages. Existing networks usually use the color and direction of the light pattern as the main means of transmitting information.

Because fiber-optic networks are already ahead of their competitors in terms of speed, they have never really become a problem, but researchers at RMIT, Australia, believe they can do better.

The researchers proposed a new fiber optic system that curves into a spiral pattern as it travels, effectively adding a new variable that can carry more data.

"It's like a double helix of DNA," said Min Gu, a researcher at the project.

This new breakthrough is more practical than previous efforts to improve fiber efficiency and can be easily added to existing fiber networks to enhance its capabilities.

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