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Optical Components Have High Accuracy And Durability

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Optical components in the assembly before the need for a certain cleaning and wiping, to ensure the cleanliness of the components.

Micro optics is a new science that belongs to the cross-cutting field. Micro optics With the latest research results of microelectronics industry technology, it is one of the most advanced research directions in the world, and has a wide range of application prospects. Optical Components Micro optics is a knowledge-intensive, cutting-edge and technologically advanced new optical branch, known as the new optical technology, represents the forefront of the field of optics.

Micro optics because of its microstructure scale is close to or less than the optical wavelength, therefore, conventional optical theory and processing technology is not suitable for micro optics. Micro optics (MOC), the surface accuracy can reach sub-micron level, surface roughness up to nano-level free optical surface and microstructure optical components. The free optical surface consists of a rotating aspheric surface (such as a paraboloid, an involute surface, etc.) with a rotating shaft, Optical Components and a non-rotating aspherical surface without any symmetry axis.

The application of optical components

Micro optics is a key component in the manufacture of small optoelectronic systems. It has the advantages of small size, light weight and low cost, and can realize the new functions such as micro, array, integration, imaging and wavefront conversion which can not be realized by ordinary optical components. With the miniaturization of the system continue to become a trend, almost in all engineering applications, Optical Components both in the field of modern defense science and technology, or the general application of industrial prospects.

Military, the Western countries in the 1970s after the development and production of military optoelectronic systems, such as military laser devices, thermal imaging devices, night vision helmets, infrared scanning devices, missile guide head and a variety of zoom lens, have been in varying degrees On the use of non-spherical optical parts.

In the case of general civilian optoelectronic systems, free aspheric parts can be used in a wide variety of photoelectric imaging systems. Such as the aircraft to provide flight information display system; camera viewfinder, zoom lens; infrared wide-angle instrument in the germanium lens; video, Optical Components recording with a micro-objective lens read head; medical diagnosis with indirect eyepiece, endoscope , Progressive lenses and so on.

Processing methods for micro - optics

As a result of the application of demand driven, micro-optical components processing technology research is also deepening, there have been a variety of modern processing technology, such as electron beam writing technology, laser beam writing technology, lithography, etching technology, LIGA technology, Optical Components Technology and coating technology, one of the most mature technology is etching technology and LIGA technology.

These technologies are basically from the microelectronics components of the micro-processing technology developed, but with the original electronic, three-dimensional molding accuracy and assembly accuracy of the optical components is essential, will directly affect its performance, so these Methods have their own shortcomings and the use of the limitations. Such as due to the depth of field of view, lithography technology is limited to two microstructure and small aspect ratio three-dimensional structure of the processing; the use of sacrificial layer etching technology, although the quasi-three-dimensional processing, but easy to produce material stress, Mechanical properties, and the cost of equipment is very expensive; LIGA technology to use the high degree of alignment of the X-ray light source, generally through the synchrotron radiation accelerator, the cost is much higher than the lithography equipment; electron beam writing technology can process nano-precision Structure, but the efficiency is low, it is difficult to carry out mass production. Copy technology, including hot-pressing method, molding method and injection molding method, is a low-cost technology suitable for mass production, but requires its mold with high accuracy and durability.

Another method of processing optical components is ultra-precision machining technology. Recently, "Fortune" magazine has such a sentence: "ultra-precision machining technology on the role of optical components like the original integrated circuit on the role of electronic components." Although this sentence is not without exaggeration, but shows that ultra-precision machining technology for micro-optical components of the processing has attracted great attention.

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