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Qualcomm Applies To The US Trade Department For An IPhone Import Ban

- Dec 21, 2018 -

The patent battle between Qualcomm and Apple has recently escalated. According to Bloomberg News, Qualcomm is convincing the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to consider import bans on iPhones using Intel chips.

ITC said on Wednesday that they are closely following a proposal put forward by a judge in September that the import ban would hinder the US's competitive advantage in the development of 5G technology. They will also study the judge's findings about Apple's violation of one of Qualcomm's three patents in the case, but the case also confirmed that Qualcomm's two other patents were not infringed.

ITC will announce the final ruling on February 19th, and they also want to know some questions, including how long it takes for Apple to bypass the patented power-saving function; whether a limited ban needs to be issued; and which national security issues may exist. ITC also hopes to learn more about Intel's statement that it will withdraw from the high-end chip market if an import ban is imposed.

Qualcomm said yesterday that Apple is still selling infringing iPhones in China, a violation of the recent ban issued by Chinese courts. Qualcomm also submitted video evidence to the court showing that the iPhone is being unboxed and sold.

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