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Semiconductor Laser Technology Development From ZKTEL

- Jun 05, 2018 -

There is a news frow ZKTEL. ZKTEL is a company which produce 5G products, which including 10G AOC SFP+ production; 40G AOC QSFP+ production; SFP28 SR/LR production; SFP+ SR production; QSFP28 SR4; QSFP28 LR4 and so on. The prices of ZKTEL products is very competitive. Welcome to visit our websites, connect with our customer serviece, we will provide yours best service!

Since the invention of the world's first semiconductor laser in 1962, semiconductor lasers have undergone tremendous changes, which have greatly promoted the development of other science and technology.

In recent years, low power semiconductor lasers for information technology have developed rapidly. For example, DFBs for optical fiber communication and dynamic single-mode laser diodes, as well as laser diodes for visible light wavelengths that are widely used in optical disc processing, and even ultrashort-pulse laser diodes, have achieved significant and revolutionary progress.

Low-power laser diodes also have this highly integrated, high-speed, and tunable development feature. The development speed of large-scale high-power semiconductor lasers is also accelerating.

In the 1980s, the output power of an independent laser diode was already over 100mW and achieved a conversion efficiency of 39%. In the 1990s, the Americans once again raised the indicator to a new level, achieving a conversion efficiency of 45%. From the perspective of output power, they also changed from W to KW.

At present, under the support of research projects, semiconductor lasers have developed rapidly in terms of chip structure, epitaxial growth, and device packaging. The performance of the cell devices has also achieved a major breakthrough: the electro-optical conversion efficiency is over 70%, which is very low. Beam divergence angle, single bar continuous output power exceeds kilowatts, the use of carbon nano (CN) heat sink makes the laser cooling efficiency can be increased by 30% than the traditional semiconductor bar mounting technology. The single-tube output power of 100μm strip width reaches 24.6W, and the high power continuous working life reaches tens of thousands of hours.

High-efficiency and high-power semiconductor lasers have also rapidly developed into fully-cured lasers, making LDP solid-state lasers gain new opportunities and prospects for development.

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