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Telecom Operator LG U+ Has Deployed 4,100 5G Base Stations In South Korea

- Nov 23, 2018 -

According to previous media reports, Korean telecom operators indicated that they will start commercial transmission of 5G signals on December 1, 2018. The author also learned that in October 2018, LG U+ has taken the lead in preparing to build a 5G network in South Korea, using Huawei 5G equipment, and the current progress is smooth. 4,100 5G base stations have been deployed. From then on, users will enjoy faster and more. Stable 5G service.

Kim Dae Hee, executive director of LG U+ 5G strategy, said, “Korean 5G technology capabilities have been proven to be at the world's advanced level. 5G terminals can be used directly by users, which is a very meaningful thing for the popularization of 5G technology.”

So, what is the unique competitiveness of LG U+ in Korean communications companies? Kim Changwu also said that “In July 2011, when LG U+ began to provide LTE (4G) commercial services, it took only nine months to complete the construction of the national network, which has been regarded as a benchmark case. LG U+ has a technology to rapidly design networks. And experience."

In order to meet the 5G era, LG U+ cooperates with domestic and foreign equipment companies such as Huawei, SMEs and universities to conduct 5G joint research and network performance test verification. Jin Changwu said, "In the early stage of 5G deployment, non-independent networking (NSA) was adopted, and technologies such as beamforming and multi-user MIMO were introduced. Therefore, a 5G network capable of fully considering these technical features and ensuring operational capability are especially designed. important."

Kim Chang said, “Now, among the three mobile communication companies, LG U+ has built the largest 5G base stations, reaching 4,100. LG U+ plans to build 5G networks in major areas of Seoul and the metropolitan area and other hotspots, and at the end of March next year. Smartphones will be available. Since then, the density of coverage areas has gradually increased in the order of subways and buildings, while expanding to 85 cities."

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