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Test Instruments Play An Important Role

- Jul 12, 2017 -

With the continuous progress of science and technology, modern testing instruments are widely used in every field of daily life. Modern testing instrument is an important symbol of human cognition and social development, which plays an important role in strengthening economic development, Test Instrument national defense construction and social production. According to the concept and characteristics of the testing instrument, this paper explains the future development direction of modern testing instruments.

The test instrument is one of the important equipments in the industrial production, its development level has the important influence to the industrial production and the development. With the development of science and technology, the testing instrument has made great progress in measuring speed, accuracy, Test Instrument data processing and fault diagnosis, which greatly expands the application range of the measuring instrument.

The measuring instrument is of great significance to human cognition and transformation of the material world, which has a very important influence on the economic development of our country, and plays an important role in national defense construction and social production. People's lives are also more and more inseparable from the testing equipment. This paper describes the concept and characteristics of the testing instrument in detail, expounds the characteristics and functions of modern testing instruments, Test Instrument and forecasts the development trend of testing instruments. Finally, this paper makes a prospect for the future development of metrology and testing science.

The test instrument also has the ability to glue or "scrape" the test using a glued head attached to the grinding wheel place. Installed on the left arm is fitted with a millstone, three unique contour wear heads affixed to the wear-resistant, and it is held at a 100° angle. The head wear is 32 mm in the center axis of the specimen frame perpendicular to the centerline, and the tip of the center of the weight (0.45 or 0) at the horizontal alignment of a central axis. The glued head is dragged over the specimen as a table rotation to determine the abrasion resistance of the specimen. Mainly used in automotive industry, Test Instrument SAE j365 test method is used to determine the anti glue decorative material.

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