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The 2018 China Optical Network Symposium / China FTTH Forum Is Coming Soon From ZKTEL

- May 25, 2018 -

ZKTEL is a company which sell Optical Components, Optical Transceivers and Sub-systems,



3. Own factory for 10 years.

4.  All transceivers can be compatible with Cisco, Huawei, ALU, Juniper, etc.

5. We can do some OEM or ODM service for you to reduce the cost.

ZKTEL is focus the  following news. Since its inauguration in 2001, the China Optical Network Symposium has been adhering to the forefront and professionalism of optical communication technology. With the purpose of academic exchange and internationalization, it has brought together many experts in the field of global optical communications and will hold seminars. Create a high-level communication platform and provide professionals in the field of optical communication in China a rare opportunity to obtain optical communication and optical network cutting-edge information.

At present, as 5G gradually enters the stage of commercial deployment, how can the optical communication field respond to the new demands brought by 5G services? What are the considerations of the top three carriers in their 5G forward and return transmissions? What breakthroughs have China Mobile's slice packet network and China Telecom's 5G-based OTN bring? Is 400G technology already in commercial deployment? These are hot spots in the field of optical communications today and will also be the focus of this seminar.

The development of optical devices and optical fiber cables is also an important link in the field of optical communications. What are the surprises brought about by the development trend of the next generation of optical devices and test technology? How do these projects affect the global market for optical network equipment, optical modules, and components? What are the opportunities and challenges that optical network providers will face in the future? The topics of optical devices and testing instruments organized by Shishi Consulting will bring us answers.

The next-generation optical transport network development forum, which is chaired by Mr. Dawei Wei Leping in the field of optical communications, immediately after its establishment, held the first-ever next-generation optical transport network development forum with the China Optical Network Symposium as a platform to discuss 5G optical bearer networks. , metropolitan area networks, and optical module development requirements and technology development trends.

The conference will be chaired by Wei Leping, executive deputy director of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Mr. Mao Qian, former chief engineer of China Fiber Optics and Technology Committee, and invited optical communication experts from Xintong University and the three major operators to make splendid speeches. Leading companies in the field of optical communications represented by Huawei, ZTE and Xunhuo will attend the seminar and focus on new trends in optical network technology, data center optical interconnects, 5G optical networks, FTTx and next-generation PONs, and next-generation optical devices. The next-generation optical transport network and other industry concerns have brought exciting speeches.

An exhibition of products and solutions will also be held during the same period.

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