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The Data Center Is Stable

- Jun 01, 2017 -

The data center is a global network of specific equipment used to transfer, accelerate, display, calculate, and store data on the internet infrastructure.

Data center if you need to use wireless, can also be used to achieve H7920 mobile router. But pay attention to bandwidth.

The use of operators to provide green access, the general is the client is RJ25 interface, the data center does not require any hardware. There is a PC can be. Data Center Do not need to open any services. But the general use of green access, will use APN or VPDN way network internal private network, which can be assigned fixed IP address, easy to manage.

Data centers are also often used for non-work site backups. The company may be scheduled to be provided by the data center. This is often used in conjunction with backup tapes. Backups can place the server's local stuff on tape, however, tape storage is also vulnerable to fire and flood security. Data Center Larger companies may send their backups to non-workplaces.

As the business in the data center lifecycle grows, the variables of the device are unavoidable, especially where data center equipment changes can be said to be done every day. If there is no good change management, it may lead to confusion, so that the next step can not be changed. Therefore, the management of the change process is an important part of the DCIM system.

The definition of change management refers to changes made to the system or service during the maintenance process, including additions, removals and other changes. Data center infrastructure changes in the form of: the environment (power systems, air conditioning, wiring, buildings, security systems, fire systems, etc.), Data Center system hardware / network hardware (installation, upgrade, maintenance, removal, delete, etc.).

From the configuration repository (CMDB), changes to the configuration item properties of any production environment are changed. The goal of change management is to regulate the management of various change activities in the data center, to eliminate or reduce the risk of change, Data Center to reduce the impact of the change on the production operation, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

Centering Point of Data Center Cabling System. When the device is directly connected to the main wiring area, the main wiring area may include a horizontal cross-connect (HC) wiring device. The main wiring area can be used in the data center network core routers, switches, storage area network switching equipment and PBX equipment support, service in one or more different locations within the data center internal distribution area, the horizontal wiring area Or equipment wiring area, as well as telecommunications between external data centers, and for office areas, operations centers and other external support areas to provide services and support. In some cases, Data Center the communication equipment (such as a communication transmission facility) that is connected to the telecommunication service operator is also placed in the area to avoid the possibility that the cable is out of the specified transmission distance or the data center cabling system and the communication device can be directly connected to Intercommunication between the communication service access facilities of the telecommunication operators. The main wiring area is located inside the computer room, in order to improve its safety, the main wiring area can also be set in a computer room within a dedicated space. Data Center Each data center should have at least one main wiring area.

The data center can be supported by the main wiring area without a horizontal wiring area. A data center may have a computer room provided on each floor, each layer containing at least one horizontal wiring area. If the equipment wiring area of the equipment wiring area exceeds the requirement of the horizontal cable length limit, a plurality of horizontal Line area.

In the data center, the horizontal wiring area provides a network connection for the terminal equipment located in the equipment wiring area. The number of connections depends on the number of connected device ports and the space capacity of the trunking channel, and should be reserved for future development.

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