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The Development Prospect Of SFP

- Aug 15, 2017 -

An SFP is an abbreviated small Form pluggable (small pluggable) that can be understood as an upgraded version of the Gbic. The SFP module is less than half the size of the Gbic module, only the thumb. You can configure more than 1 time times the number of ports on the same panel. Video SFP Other features of the SFP module are basically consistent with the gbic.

1, classification by rate

According to the rate classification, 155M/550M/1.25g/2.125g/3.125G/4 25g/6.5g/8.5g/10g. of which 155M and 1.25G in the market more applications, 10G technology is gradually maturing, the demand is rising to the attitude of development, thus the birth of 10G above the + optical module.

2, by wavelength classification

According to wavelength classification has 850nm/1310nm/1490nm/1530nm/1550nm/1610nm and so on. In which the wavelength of 850nm is called SFP multimode optical module, its transmission distance is below 2 kilometers. Wavelength is 1310nm/1550nm SFP interacting module, Video SFP its transmission distance exceeds 2 kilometers. In contrast, the 3 wavelengths of SFP light modules are cheaper than others.

3, sorted by pattern

According to the pattern classification, there are single mode and multimode parts respectively.

A, multimode optical module: Almost all multimode fiber sizes are 50/125um or 5/125um, and bandwidth (optical transmission of information) is typically 200MHz to 2GHz. Video SFP Multi-mode optical transceiver can carry up to 5 km transmission through multimode fiber. Light emitting diode or laser. Pull ring or in vitro color is black.

B, interacting module: The size of single-mode fiber is 9-10/125um, and it has the characteristics of unlimited bandwidth and lower loss compared with multimode fiber. The interacting end-machine is used for long-distance transmission, sometimes up to 150 to 200 kilometers. The use of LD or narrow spectrum of LED as a light source. Video SFP The ring or in vitro color is blue, yellow or purple.

C, the difference and the connection: Multimode price is cheap, but the single-mode equipment compared to the similar multimode equipment is expensive many. Video SFP Single mode Single-mode fiber can be run on Single-mode fiber and can be run on multimode fiber, and multimode equipment is limited to multimode fiber.

4. Development prospects

10G module experienced from 300Pin, Xenpak, X2, XFP development, finally realized the same size with SFP transmission 10G signal, this is +.

With its miniaturization and low cost, SFP satisfies the requirement of high density of the optical module of the equipment, and has replaced XFP from 2002 to 2010 as the mainstream of 10G optical module market.

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