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The Role Of Subsystems

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Subsystems are generally said to have a certain function of the system, and the commonly said "module" concept is similar

For example, Sub-Systems for a monitoring system, we can say that there is a "data acquisition subsystem", then this subsystem is to complete the data acquisition task of a relatively complete function of the combination.

In the process of analyzing the problem, in order to avoid a large number of things intersect, so we need to consider a large number of relative relationships, we usually divided a complex system into several separate subsystems, so that we can independently consider the relationship between these subsystems, Sub-Systems and then independent of each subsystem within the relationship between the things.

What is the function of the subsystem?

The purpose is to realize the connection between the terminal equipment and the horizontal subsystem, Sub-Systems which is composed of the connecting cables connected to the information sockets by the terminal equipment. Consists of information outlets, socket boxes, connection jumpers, and adapters. Sub-Systems The design of the work area subsystem mainly considers the information socket and adapter two aspects.

(1) Information socket: Information socket is the interface between workstation and wiring subsystem, and the standard IO socket of integrated wiring system is 8-pin modular information socket. Sub-Systems When installing the socket, should also make the socket as close to the user as possible, should also take into account the position of the power supply, according to the relevant electrical installation specification, Sub-Systems information socket installation location distance from the ground height is 30~50cm

(2) Adapter: The choice of the work Ameri adapter should meet the following requirements: When using different information outlets at the equipment connection, a special cable or adapter can be used, and when two services are performed on a single information socket, the "Y" type adapter should be used, Sub-Systems the type of cable selected in the wiring subsystem is different from the type of cable required by the device, and the type of cable required to connect the corresponding devices such as the digital mode conversion or data rate conversion of different signals, and the adapter The corresponding terminal matching device can be equipped according to different telecommunication terminals in the work area.

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