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The SFP Uses The LC Interface

- Jun 01, 2017 -

SFP (less than half the volume of the GBIC module, you can configure more than twice the number of ports on the same panel.

As the SFP in function and GBIC basically the same, Video SFP but also by some switch manufacturers called miniaturized GBIC (Mini-GBIC).

SFP compresses the size and power consumption by placing CDR and electro-dispersion compensation outside the module. For optical communications applications in telecommunications Video SFP and data communications. SFP connects the motherboard and fiber or UTP cable of network equipment such as switches, routers, and so on. SFP is an industry specification supported by some fiber optic device providers.

SFP supports SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and some other communication standards. This standard extends to SFP + and supports 10.0 Gbit / s transfer rates, including 8gigabit Fiber Channel and 10GbE. The SFP + module version of the fiber and copper core versions, compared to the Xenpak, X2 or XFP versions of the module, will keep some of the circuitry on the motherboard implementation, rather than within the module.

SFP, SFP package - hot-swappable small package module, the current maximum rate can reach 10G, mostly using LC interface. SFP is SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE English abbreviation, can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC. SFP volumes are reduced by half compared to GBIC optical modules, Video SFP and more than double the number of ports can be configured on the same panel. Other features, SFP basic and GBIC consistent. So some switch manufacturers to SFP called miniaturized GBIC (ie MINI-GBIC)

SFP consists of:

The laser includes the transmitter TOSA and the receiver ROSA

Circuit board IC,

External accessories are: shell, base, PCBA, pull ring, buckle, unlock pieces, rubber plug composition,

Also in order to identify the convenience, Video SFP generally the color of the ring to identify the module's parameter type. For example: black pull ring for the multi-mode, the wavelength is 850nm; blue is the wavelength of 1310nm module; yellow is the wavelength of 1550nm module; purple is the wavelength of 1490nm module.

SFP classification:

1, in accordance with the rate of 155M / 622M / 1.25G / 2.125G / 4.25G / 8G / 10G, 155M and 1.25G currently on the market with more, 10G technology is gradually mature, demand is rising posture development , But also the future of the main optical module products. The following are the same as the "

2, according to the wavelength of 850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm / 1490nm / 1530nm / 1610nm, the wavelength of 850nm for the SFP multi-mode, transmission distance of 2KM below the wavelength of 1310 / 1550nm for the single mode, transmission distance of 2KM above, Said the price of these three wavelengths are cheaper than the other three.

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