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The SoC Is Separated From The 5G Modem, Why?(4)

- Dec 20, 2018 -

5G looks at more terminal forms

The independent 5G baseband also has the advantage that it can be applied to more terminal forms. The 5G network itself is also a network that can benefit more terminals. In addition to smart phones, it can also be used in the Internet of Things, car networking, smart factories. VR/AR and other fields play a greater role.

For example, when Intel introduced the XMM 8160 5G multimode modem, it said that this is an ideal solution to support a wide range of device categories and meet a wide range of 5G deployments. In addition to smartphones, the XMM 8160 modem can be used on cars, drones, fully interconnected PCs, Internet of Things, and VR helmets.

At present, the X50 5G modem is not only used in the mobile phone field. China Mobile's 5G test terminal product “First Walker No. 1” just released during the 2018 China Mobile Global Partner Conference is not a mobile phone product, despite the combination of the Snapdragon 855+X50. But it is defined as the new product concept of the 5G smart hub. In the same period, ZTE's 5G wireless hotspot products using Z50 and HMD were also unveiled at China Mobile's 5G display area.

When Huawei released the Barong 5G01, Huawei also said that 5G will not only strengthen the mobile Internet, but also promote the interconnection of all things. Huawei has become an enterprise that can provide end-to-end 5G solutions to customers.

Obviously, the 5G modems that are externally attached to the SoC also provide enterprises with the opportunity to expand to more terminal forms, which is also in line with the future development direction of 5G networks.

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