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The Test Instrument Meets The Design Requirements

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Test the performance and parameters of the instrument

Commonly used fiber test table are: optical power meter, stable light source, light multimeter, optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and light fault locator.

The test instrument is used to measure the absolute optical power or the relative loss of optical power through a fiber. In optical fiber systems, measuring optical power is the most basic. Test Instrument Very much like a multimeter in electronics, in optical fiber measurement, optical power meter is a heavy load table, fiber technology staff should be a hand. By measuring the absolute power of the transmitter or optical network, an optical power meter can be used to evaluate the performance of the device. When combined with a stable light source, the optical power meter can measure the connection loss, test continuity, and help to estimate the quality of the fiber link transmission.

The test instrument transmits light of known power and wavelength to the light system. The combination of a stable light source and an optical power meter can measure the optical loss of the fiber optic system. For off-the-shelf fiber systems, the transmitter of the system can also be used as a stable light source. If the terminal can not work or no terminal, you need a separate light source. Test Instrument The wavelength of the stabilized light source should be as consistent as possible with the wavelength of the system. After the system is installed, it is often necessary to measure end-to-end losses in order to determine whether the connection loss meets the design requirements, such as measuring the loss of connectors, splice points, and fiber bulk losses.

Optical multimeter: used to measure the optical fiber power loss. Test Instrument There are two kinds of light multimeter:

1, composed of independent optical power meter and stable light source.

2, optical power meter and stable light source as one of the integrated test system.

In a short distance local area network (LAN), the endpoint distance is within walking or talking, and the technician can successfully use the economical combination multimeter at one end and one end using a stable light source. For long distance network systems, the technician should be equipped with a complete combination or integrated optical multimeter at each end.

When choosing a meter, the temperature may be the most stringent standard. Field portable equipment should be at -18 ℃ (no humidity control) to 50 ℃ (95% humidity)

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and Fault Locator (FaultLocator): the performance of the fiber loss and distance function. With the help of OTDR, the technician can see the entire system profile, Test Instrument identify and measure fiber span, splice points and connectors. In the diagnosis of fiber failure instrument, OTDR is the most classic, but also the most expensive instrument. Different from the two ends of the optical power meter and the optical multimeter, the OTDR can measure fiber loss only through one end of the fiber. The OTDR trajectory gives the location and size of the system attenuation values, such as the position and loss of any connector, splice, fiber profiled, or fiber breakpoint.

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