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U.S. Telecommunications Regulatory Agency Seeks Opinions On Blockchain Policy From ZKTEL

- Jun 09, 2018 -

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The National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) under the US Department of Commerce hopes to help US entrepreneurs apply blockchain technology.

The agency announced a survey notice yesterday and hoped that respondents would make recommendations on new policies covering a range of areas, including emerging technologies, cyber security and privacy, Internet governance, and free flow of information, to prioritize the development of international Internet policy for NTIA in the future. Provide direction. These priorities will help the agency "encourage innovation and growth in the Internet and Internet economy." The agency’s administrative officer, David Redl, stated in the notice:


“We hope that American entrepreneurs with the ability to take risks can now market global markets for digital products and services. We expect that in the coming years, our focus will increasingly be on artificial intelligence, automated labor and blockchain technology. On the other hand, we hope to get some suggestions on how to participate in international discussions on these topics."

The National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) mainly provides the President with relevant programs on telecommunications and information policy issues and ensures that “the Internet is still an important engine for continuous innovation and economic growth”.

Although the agency has not yet specified any specific policies in the blockchain domain, its parent unit, the Department of Commerce, has discussed the use of blockchain technology to record digital copyright information.

And Redl once said that at the US Internet Conference in 2018, NTIA will help the United States to take the lead in emerging technologies. In particular, it hopes that industry members can help the government make the right choices regarding blockchain as a field.

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