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Ualcomm Releases 9205 Modem Chip: Designed For The Internet Of Things(2)

- Dec 29, 2018 -

Why use multi-frequency multi-mode? Ma Jinwu explained that different regions or countries have different system requirements, which has created a demand for a variety of system combinations. For example, China is NB-IoT, the United States is eMTC, India and Europe are NB-IoT+GSM, and Australia is eMTC+GSM. If the chip used by the terminal manufacturer only supports eMTC, or only supports NB-IoT, it requires different hardware designs and different modules to deal with different markets. The use of Qualcomm 9205 can solve this problem perfectly. After the manufacturer completes the hardware design, the product can be applied to the global market, as long as the corresponding system is selected in the software settings.

“This will bring huge benefits to the terminal manufacturers.” Ma Jinwu said: “Because the module development is completed, there will be a lot of certification work behind it. For each market and every operator to do certification, including FCC certification, CE Certification, China's CTA certification, a lot of time and money are spent on certification, each module model must carry out such a certification process. Sometimes it may cost millions of dollars to certify a module model. If there are multiple module models that require certification, the cost will be amazing."

He further said: "If you use Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem, customers can save a lot of such certification costs. In addition, in the production material management, different modules need to be configured with different production materials management and inventory management, which is relatively cumbersome.

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