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Video Optical Positioning Development And The Role Of

- Dec 12, 2014 -

Optical mentioned before analog to digital technology changes, people have to wonder which technology updates faster. Optical digital feature that lets Optical is not only standing on the transportation, construction in these areas. Optical digital and analog development, but also demonstrates the strength of the powerful ability to communicate. Development of Digital Optical, can not see its origin and background. Here Sims About Optical Network development background.

Video Optical fiber communication technology is a product development, appeared in the 20th century, the seventies and eighties. No country in the early 1990s began to introduce in the 1980s, which was mainly used in urban intelligent transportation construction; the mid-1990s, with the development of domestic highway construction, Video Optical began to get large-scale applications, but also mainly foreign brand products. At that time also began domestic product, but the technology is mainly based FM modulated analog video optical path number; until 2000, the number of local companies have developed a digital fiber optic transmission technology based digital video optical transceiver, the country's video Optical market began to enter the high-speed growth; to about 2005, domestic brands video Optical has occupied most of the market share, while they advance into the video optical manufacturers have also been considerable development, and the establishment of a certain brand reputation as a major brand domestic video Optical market.

After 2005, the domestic market into the rapid development of video Optical period. With the rise of large-scale safe city construction, large-scale investment in highway construction, large-scale development of urban intelligent transportation, the market demand for video optical products showing explosive growth. At the same time, promote the application of technology for many years, making the past some mysterious optical transmission technology has become increasingly popular, the number of times a video optical manufacturers also showed explosive growth, the influx of a large number of manufacturers scrambled video optical market. Started earlier, has a certain amount of professional video optical manufacturers face the market, have to invest; a lot of traditional CCTV products manufacturer also lonely, hoping to dig again from Video Optical pot of gold; and more small businesses expect this can flourishes, get a great leap forward; there are many users in the telecommunications market melee Optical access network for many years, has been exhausted, loss of business, suddenly found video Optical market, so the accusation, swarming all Bay into.

Up to now, large and small video optical manufacturers have less than hundred, but with a certain technology development strength and a certain size of the market more than a dozen companies. How to avoid vicious price competition, build and operate their own brand, to avoid short-lived, maintain long-term sustainable development, which are the majority of video optical manufacturers have to think about. Therefore, Optical manufacturers from seeking to reposition itself and the potential market, become an inevitable trend.

Future role: the transition to the overall solution provider

At the beginning of 2005, video optical products gradually into the Red Sea competition stage, a number of video optical manufacturers take the lead in research and development efforts on developing a new generation of technology, which is typical of the development of optical transmission and exchange platform technology. Pok, in Granville, frog as the other manufacturers have developed a function different from the traditional video optical light platform products. Optical platform technology involves numerous current latest technologies, such as H.264 codec technology, high-speed IP network technology, high-speed real-time exchange of technology, etc., these techniques have been far beyond the scope of traditional video Optical technology, "imitation" is basically a shortcut regardless, this makes some manufacturers progress difficult, difficult to soon launch a mature product. However, as long as the manufacturers are sinking heart, seriously into research and development, solidly accumulated 3-5 years, it is still possible to catch up.

These products through the development and improvement of 4,5 years, has entered the stage of large-scale application. Platform technology combines the high-speed optical fiber transmission network, real-time high-speed large-capacity switching, IP network transmission, H.264 codec, uncompressed digital video and many other technologies, by its very nature is a fiber-based high-speed digital transmission based on large-scale , high-quality video network monitoring network of the overall solution. Currently, Pok's BVx1000 digital video network switching platform, the prestige of SD / HD switching platform integration VAR3 optical transport, depending on the VOX-XG frog in the market have a good application, especially in highway video surveillance network, using optical platform technology of the overall solution is one of the main design.

Of course, there is a full compression platform solutions, is currently used in highway design, worthy of our attention. Full compression solutions, at the front end of the camera image on the compressed and then transmitted through the fiber optic network for stream switching with Ethernet switches. The main difference between this solution and the optical platform that light platform solutions in addition to compress images, uncompressed images can be based on the needs of users retain figures. Optical platform solutions actually contain a full compression solutions.

Grasp the technology opportunities: With intelligent trend

With the rapid growth of China's economy, especially in recent years, "Green City", "3111 pilot project", "2008 Beijing Olympic Games", "Expo" and other major projects started, China's security market has been rapid development. Since 2002, the total output value of China's security industry compound annual growth rate of 23.45%.

The video surveillance as an important part of the security industry, but gained considerable progress. Since 2002 China's security video surveillance industry market at an average annual rate of 27.96 percent growth. Currently the video surveillance market, the proportion of the security market accounted for approximately 40 to 50 percent, in fact, is the core of the security industry.

In this environment, the current increasing scale video surveillance systems, a project that is thousands of motionless road, thousands of road, and hundreds of thousands of road projects have been heard, this time relying on the video monitor human "look "is completely see, however, the next step how to do, how to maximize the role of thousands of video? Only one answer: intelligent.

What is "intelligent", it simply extracts video intelligence is critical information resources to fully tap and use this information to provide users with a valuable service. In addition to the intelligent monitoring system can improve the accuracy of the alarm, reduce leakage analysis or error analysis of the phenomenon, but also can shorten the response time and increase the response rate, the formation of a more effective on-site data security threats occur before security personnel will be able to prompt concern related to the monitor screen, prepare for potential threats. Therefore, intelligent video surveillance will be the inevitable trend of development, whether it is transportation, or safe city construction areas, or financial surveillance, intelligence will be inevitable. Therefore, there is no doubt that intelligence will contains a huge market potential, it is worth all the security manufacturers, including manufacturers of video Optical attention.

Of course, intelligent Optical manufacturers to enter the market, can not happen overnight. Because Optical manufacturers generally are focused on video transmission, to be combined with intelligent, innovative not only have enough courage, but also have enough innovative strength. Only through rational innovation, be possible to embark on a path of their own in the field of intelligence.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring

Our government has intelligent transportation system as an important direction for future transport development in China. Within the next five years, China will achieve the national highway, national and provincial trunk highways, important sections, large bridges, vehicle area, transportation perception and status monitoring; realization of dangerous goods transport vehicles, ships, long-distance passenger transport and urban transport, the whole process of the taxi and rail traffic monitoring, basically completed comprehensive coverage, all-weather operation, rapid response to water traffic monitoring systems and maritime information service system. Intelligent transportation will be voted to build the transportation industry for years to hotspots.

Currently, each of the three hundred kilometers electromechanical system of highway construction investment in size from 100 to 150 million, of which investment in integrated video surveillance around 8 million to 10 million. And if you want to become intelligent building a comprehensive monitoring system, per hundred kilometers into at least double that at around 18 million. To add 6000 km per year, with nearly 1 billion annually in the market. It also is not the transformation of the stock market has been built highway.

Financial monitoring intelligence

To sum up the above, the only transportation, safe city, the financial system total annual market demand for intelligent products reached 30 billion yuan. Intelligent development, the majority of the video optical manufacturers will bring a huge potential market, who can be prepared in advance, early developed a perfect solution, in the next competition in the market, who can stand out, get the jump development.

    Green City intelligent

Intelligent safe city construction also contains a great market. Video surveillance cameras developed regions overseas has almost reached the number one camera for every 10 people, the number of China's many safe city planning has exceeded the number of cameras per hundred a camera. If 10% of the camera transformation, each invested 15,000 yuan by calculation, the annual demand of up to about the size of one billion.

Any technology, any product has a life cycle, video Optical, optical platform is no exception. Only to keep up with technology development trend of future technologies to invest early, after a long and arduous accumulated technology and continuous innovation, in order to form their own core competitiveness in order to make their brands continue to flourish, in the fierce market competition invincible.

     Optical currently using a wide range, and it gives people a lot of functional diversification of convenience. Currently Optical manufacturers have their own technical capabilities, sales and production. In the future, the Optical people will walk into the door.

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