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What New Opportunities Does 5G Bring To The Semiconductor Market?(3)

- Jan 05, 2019 -

5G is generally divided into two frequency bands.

One of them uses a frequency band below 6 GHz, which is slightly improved on 4G LTE.

The other uses a spectrum of frequencies above 24 GHz and eventually goes to millimeter wave technology. The future network will be a state in which 4G LTE and 5GNR coexist for a long time.

In June 2018, the first version of the 5G standard R15 was officially frozen, supporting eMBB scenarios, partially supporting the uRLLC scenario, and temporarily not supporting the mMTC scenario. 5G commercial is officially opened. It is expected that the second edition of the standard R16 will be frozen by the end of 2019, fully supporting the three major application scenarios.

China plans to conduct a scale test in 2018, pre-commercial in 2019, and commercial scale in 2020.

At present, the first phase of key technology verification and the second phase of technical solution verification have been completed. At present, Huawei has taken the lead in completing the third phase of system verification. China's progress with foreign countries is basically synchronized.

It is expected that the mid-band network construction period will be intensified from 2019 to 2022, and eMBB applications can be realized.

2022~2025 is a dense period of millimeter wave network construction, which can realize uRLLC and mMTC applications. It is estimated that China's 2020-2025 is the main construction period, and 2020-2022 is the construction period of the whole cycle.

Upstream chip factories have successively introduced modem chips supporting 5G technology, including Qualcomm SnapdragonX50, MediaTek HelioM70, Intel XMM8000 series, Samsung ExynosModem5000 series, and Haisi Balong5000 series.

According to the progress of each family, it is expected that customer sample certification will be carried out in the first half of next year, and mass production and shipment will be carried out in the second half of next year.

TSR expects shipments of 5G mobile phones to begin in 2019, and shipments continue to grow.

The 5G version of the millet Mix3 is available in Europe in 2019.

Samsung expects to launch the 5G Galaxy S10Plus phone in the spring of 2019.

Huawei plans to launch a foldable 5G mobile phone in MWC in February 2019, and a P30Pro mobile phone equipped with a 5G baseband may also be launched.

ZTE will launch 5G commercial handsets in the first half of 2019.

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