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What New Opportunities Does 5G Bring To The Semiconductor Market?(4)

- Jan 06, 2019 -

The three major operators have obtained the nationwide 5G medium and low frequency test frequency license.

Although the official 5G commercial license has not yet been issued, the significance of the respective spectrum determination of the three major operators is still very significant. The most direct impact is that operators can jointly build 5G networks with industry chain partners.

This has released a clear signal for the industry to accelerate the development of China's 5G network and industrial chain.

5G construction will drive the growth of hardware requirements such as base stations and terminals, and technological changes will also bring new market opportunities.

Antennas, PCBs, RF front-ends, electromagnetic shielding and other components and industrial chain related companies will gain new growth momentum.

After the 5G network is gradually improved, corresponding applications such as car networking, AR/VR, etc. will be gradually developed and infiltrated, which will open up a broader space.

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