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ZTE Completes The Industry's First 5G Pre-transmission Network Verification Based On N×25G WDM-PON

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Recently, ZTE and China Telecom Optical Access Research Team and Suzhou Telecom took the lead in completing the industry's first 5G pre-transmission network based on N×25G WDM-PON in Suzhou 5G field. This is the joint completion of N×25G WDM in September this year. Another important result after the PON OAM channel test verification. The results of the current network verification show that WDM-PON can carry 5G pre-transmission services stably and transparently, and the service rate and forwarding delay are equivalent to those of point-to-point fiber direct connection. The follow-up meeting of ZTE will continue to support and promote the experimental work, and further promote the industrialization and commercialization of WDM-PON technology.

In this live network verification, the N×25G WDM-PON equipment is connected to the 5G DU and AAU equipment supporting the standard eCPRI interface. The verification content covers transmission performance, automatic wavelength tuning and long-term stability. Among them, benefiting from the maximization of node processing delay, the OLT and ONU service delay of N×25G WDM-PON technology can be as low as 7μs, which perfectly satisfies the 5G ultra-low latency requirement. What is more worthy of attention is that the fiber resources in the 5G network are very expensive, and the N3G WDM-PON carries 5G pre-transmissions, which can save a lot of backbone fiber resources, share the widely covered FTTH ODN network and station resources, and provide them quickly. The pre-transmission link required for the 5G base station is deployed on demand to achieve solid-mobile convergence.

Zong Jinsong, general manager of ZTE's optical access products, said that ZTE and China Telecom's optical access research team have been working closely together to complete the development of N×25G WDM-PON equipment. The participation in the live network verification is ZTE's optical access flagship TITAN platform, which supports N×25G WDM-PON, providing important support for 5G preamble from multiple dimensions, meeting the transparency, low latency and high reliability of 5G preamble. Requirements.

中兴通讯完成业界首个基于N×25G WDM-PON的5G前传现网验证

中兴通讯完成业界首个基于N×25G WDM-PON的5G前传现网验证

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