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ZTE Mobile Phone After Hijacking (2) ---ZKTel

- Nov 05, 2018 -

R&D and supply cooperation fully restored

On the eve of the 5G, small and medium-sized manufacturers accelerated their exits. The head manufacturers were constantly innovating in products such as fingerprints and 3D structured lights, and they are all competing for the launch of 5G smartphones next year. As the former king of the domestic mobile phone market, where should ZTE terminal go next, is it a rumor-like strategic contraction, or even withdraw from the mobile phone market?

With these questions, Phoenix Net Technology recently interviewed Xu Feng, the new head of ZTE Terminal.

He made it clear that the terminal represented by smart phones is an important part of ZTE's 5G strategy, and there is no doubt that it will continue to invest. “Zhongxing always regards the terminal as a very important business and will continue to invest and develop.”

Xu Feng is the former head of ZTE's terminal supply chain. He has replaced Cheng Lixin as CEO of ZTE's terminal business unit in July this year and is responsible for ZTE's global terminal business.

According to official sources, Xu Feng joined ZTE in 1998 and joined the Terminal Division in 2014. In 2016, Xu Feng optimized and streamlined the terminal supply chain organization, promoted delivery project management and capacity improvement, and also established a strategic procurement system to improve procurement efficiency.

It is not difficult to see from the resume that this is a veteran with rich experience in R&D, quality and supply chain management, operation and team management. However, the current ZTE terminal is still in the doldrums, and Xu Feng’s shoulders are heavy.

At the shareholders meeting held on August 29 this year, Li Zixue, chairman of ZTE Corporation, said that the company's main business has been fully restored, the production tasks in August have returned to normal, research and development work is still recovering quickly, and 5G network testing has been completed. keep up the pace. In the second half of this year, ZTE will also increase its 5G R&D investment including mobile phones.

The data shows that ZTE invests more than 10% of its total revenue every year in technology research and development including terminals. Of ZTE's 69,000 patents, more than 20,000 are terminal-related. Xu Feng said that in September this year, ZTE's terminal R&D and supplier cooperation have been fully restored.

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