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ZTE Mobile Phone After Hijacking (3) ---ZKTel

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Focus on operators and corporate markets

After the robbery, ZTE began a systematic and new review of the company's products, technology, and strategic direction, including terminal services.

ZTE’s CEO Xu Ziyang said in August that in the short term, the terminal business should also focus on business adjustments. On the one hand, it should focus on the market that it is good at, and on the other hand, focus on the core models.

In this interview, Xu Feng further explained the business adjustment of ZTE terminal. He said that in the future, ZTE will focus on core countries and key markets such as China, the Americas, Europe and Japan, and the products will focus on "ABC". “A” stands for the Axon flagship series, “B” is the younger and more popular Blade series, and “C” is the cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) part of the product.

In October last year, ZTE launched the Axon M, a folding dual-screen design. In March of this year, it announced the establishment of ZTE Intelligent Terminal Co., Ltd. (ZTE Terminal China). At that time, ZTE, the former CEO of ZTE Corporation, served as chairman of the board. Bai Bo, general manager of Communications China, is the general manager of ZTE Terminal China.

From the original business department to operating as a subsidiary, it originally meant that ZTE's terminal Chinese company would have greater management rights. At the time, this was also seen as a positive signal for ZTE to strengthen its mobile phone business in the domestic open market.

But as everyone knows, ZTE’s mobile phone presence in the domestic market has not been strong in recent years. According to the latest data released by the research company Sino, in the third quarter of this year, among the top 9 manufacturers in the domestic mobile phone market, ZTE did not appear on the list.

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