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SFP-155E TM – Electrical Pluggable Interface

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Product Details

SFP-155E TM  – Electrical Pluggable Interface


The SFP-155ETM electrical transceiver offers full duplex STM-1 electrical (155 Mbit/s) SDH transport over

coaxial cables. The interface is fully compliant to ITU-T G.703 (ES1) signal specification. The module is

compatible with the SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standard. Typical applications include SDH Multiplexer systems or ATM-switch and IP-router equipment supporting SDH physical interfaces. The SFP-155ETM module is fully interchangeable with STM-1 or OC-3 optical SFP modules and provides system developers an easy migration to STM-1 electrical interfaces. With the availability of the SFP-155ETM module, any system that already supports STM-1/OC-3 optical SFPs can now also support STM-1 electrical. The development effort is minimized and a quick time- to-market solution is guaranteed. A single card design can support optical and electrical STM-1 interfaces resulting in increased flexibility for the equipment user and reduced inventory and spare counts. Changing between optical and electrical STM-1 interfaces can be done in the field to optimize the system port-types to the application, while the system is in operation. The SFP-155ETM can be used with industry standard coaxial cables and connectors, provided there is 2 mm spacing between adjacent modules.

Product Features:

Designed for Industry-Standard MSA compliant, Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports

STM-1 electrical interface compatible with

G.703, ES1, CMI encoded signal

Standard coaxial cable connectors, for 75 ohm cable

Low power, high performance CMI encoder/decoder integrated in module

Identification (EEPROM) according SFP MSA.

Two options: STM-1e programmed or STM-1o programmed (allows immediate application in systems employing STM-1o SFPs)

Single +3.3 V power supply operation

Jitter specification exceeds ITU-T G.825 and ETSI EN 300 462-4-1

Product Applications:

  STM-1 Microwave Radio

  SONET/SDH Multiplexers

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