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SFP 2.5G 80km Duplex LC

SFP 2.5G 80km Duplex LC

2.5Gbps 80km Duplex LC SFP Optical TRANSCEIVER

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Product Details

 2.5Gbps 80km Duplex LC SFP Optical TRANSCEIVER, DWDM DFB Laser diode transmitter

Product Features:

  • DWDM DFB Laser diode transmitter,

  • APD photodiode receiver

  • Compliant with DWDM SFP MSA

  • SFF-8472 with duplex LC receptacle

  • 100Mpbs to 2.67Gbp/s data links

  • Power dissipation < 1.2W

  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI

  • 3.3V Single power supply

  • 100GHz ITU Grid, C Band

  • Digital diagnostic monitoring

  • 80 km with 9/125 µm single mode fiber (SMF) of maximum interconnect distances

  • ROHS-6 compliant

  • Case operating temperature:0°C to +70°C

Product Applications:

  • C Band DWDM networks

  • SONET/SDH networks

  • Fiber channel

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